For Freedom!

Kingdom Rush is Free on mobile!

It's been four years since the release of the mobile version for mobile devices and we have decided it should be free and stay free.

Tastes like Vengeance!

The second mini-campaign for Kingdom Rush Origins!

Bittering Rancor is the second mini-campaign for Kingdom Rush Origins.
Join the fight to stop the Twilight Elves and their maddened new leader before they destroy everything in their path.

Congratulations! It's a girl!

A Hero is Born!

They say that Heroes are not born, they are made. But in this case both ideas apply.

The polls for our community created Hero are now finally over!

Take me to your leader!

Frontiers latest Endless Level!

In the mysterious depths of the jungle a new threat is rising. What we thought was just another mindless bug to squish is in fact one of the infinite spawns of the Alien Queen!

Hulking Rage Smash!

Origins first Mini-Campaign!

Hulking Rage is a mini-campaign and the newest update for Kingdom Rush Origins.
Join the elven forces at the very borders of the Kingdom to stop an unexpected ogre invasion like no one has seen before.